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Carton Flow Racks


DR Storage Systems is a supplier of Carton Flow Systems. 

Carton flow racks, also known as gravity flow racks or dynamic storage systems, offer a range of advantages that make them an excellent choice for optimizing storage and retrieval of cartons, boxes, and small items. These systems use gravity to facilitate easy movement of items from the loading end to the picking end. Here are the advantages of using carton flow racks in your storage and logistics operations:

  • Increased Picking Efficiency: Carton flow racks are designed for first-in, first-out (FIFO) inventory rotation. Items are loaded from the rear and flow forward to the picking face, ensuring that the oldest items are picked first. This improves order picking accuracy and efficiency.
  • Space Optimization: Carton flow racks utilize vertical space efficiently while allowing easy access to items. This is particularly valuable in warehouses with limited floor space, as the system maximizes storage density.
  • Reduced Travel Time: Workers spend less time searching for items in deep storage areas. Items are presented at the picking face, minimizing the need to navigate through aisles and reducing travel time.
  • Ergonomic Picking: Carton flow racks promote ergonomic picking by bringing items to the operator at a comfortable and reachable height. This reduces strain on workers and minimizes the risk of injuries related to bending and reaching.
  • Quick Order Fulfillment: The organized flow of items to the picking face speeds up order fulfillment processes. Workers can quickly locate and retrieve items, leading to faster customer shipments.
  • Inventory Visibility: The design of carton flow racks provides clear visibility of stored items, making it easier to monitor inventory levels and identify restocking needs.
  • Adaptability: Carton flow racks can be customized to accommodate different carton sizes and weights. Adjustable lane dividers and pitch settings make the system flexible and adaptable to changing inventory.
  • Organized Storage: Carton flow racks naturally encourage proper organization. The design of the system discourages mixing different items in the same lane, which helps maintain orderly storage.
  • Compatibility with Automation: Carton flow racks can be integrated with automated picking systems, such as conveyor systems or order picking robots, to further enhance efficiency and reduce manual labor.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance: Carton flow racks are relatively simple to install and maintain. The modular design allows for easy replacement or adjustment of components.
  • Cost Savings: The improved efficiency in order picking and reduced labor time can lead to cost savings over time. Additionally, the reduction in manual handling helps prevent damage to items.

Carton flow racks offer a range of advantages that contribute to streamlined order picking, efficient space utilization, and improved ergonomic conditions. These benefits make them a valuable solution for enhancing storage and retrieval operations in warehouses and distribution centers.

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