Gravity Flow Racks

UNEX engineers design gravity flow rack systems that optimize efficiency, safety and FIFO rotation on the pick line. These Roller Rack structures are pre-configured and ready when you need them. Roller Racks from UNEX are proven to:

  • Boost order picking efficiency – Available knuckle track improves access and sight lines, and reduces strain on workers.
  • Increase order picking rates and space – Roller Racks are proven to speed pick rates and free up warehouse space for additional SKUs.
  • Ensure FIFO rotation – Inventory is replenished from the back without interrupting order picking in front.
  • Reduce travel time – SKU storage is up to 7 times denser per bay than pallet rack storage, which translates into up to 80% less travel time for pickers.

DR Storage Systems provides racks that store and stage returnable containers, assuring appropriate parts supply – all on display to your operators within your plant’s floor restrictions.

Our project managers provide seamless integration between each manufacturer involved and the owner, while our certified installation & repair technicians bring over 25 years of experience.

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