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High Bay Racking


DR Storage Systems is a supplier of High Bay Pallet Racks.

These racks are engineered and built strong to withstand the abuse, reducing risks, downtime and maintenance costs.

They offer many advantages including: 

  • Dependability: Built exclusively of heavy-gauge US steel
  • Stable: Full diagonal and horizontal tubular bracing throughout entire frame
  • Safety: Impact-resistant and attractive powder coat finish
  • Increased Storage Capacity: High Bay pallet racks are designed to maximize vertical space utilization. By utilizing the height of the facility, these racks allow for high-density storage, enabling you to store a larger quantity of goods within the same floor area. This is especially beneficial when dealing with limited warehouse space.
  • Efficient Space Utilization: These industrial racks make use of the vertical space between the floor and the ceiling, ensuring efficient utilization of available space. They allow for stacking multiple pallets on top of each other, minimizing wasted space and increasing overall storage capacity.
  • Improved Accessibility: High Bay pallet racks can be designed with various access options such as selective, double-deep, or push-back systems. This ensures that each pallet is easily accessible, allowing for efficient stock rotation, order picking, and inventory management. It helps streamline operations and reduce the time required to locate and retrieve specific items.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: These racks are highly configurable and can be customized to meet specific storage requirements. They can accommodate different pallet sizes, weights, and product types. Additionally, they can be integrated with material handling equipment such as forklifts, conveyors, and automated systems, allowing for seamless material flow and adaptability to changing operational needs.
  • Scalability: These racks can be expanded or reconfigured as your business grows or your storage needs change. You can easily add or remove rack sections, adjust shelf heights, or modify the rack layout to accommodate evolving inventory requirements, ensuring long-term scalability and flexibility.

Our project managers provide seamless integration between each manufacturer involved in the project.  While our certified installation and service technicians bring over 25 years of experience.

High Bay pallet racks optimize space utilization, improve operational efficiency, and enhance safety in the warehouse, making them a valuable investment for businesses looking to maximize their storage capabilities.

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